Thursday, February 14, 2008

New addition to Crecer con Amor in progress!

As I have mentioned before, HelpArgentina works with a model that encourages foreigners, ex-volunteers, Argentines living abroad, and many others; to become 'Social Ambassadors' for organizations in Argentina.

InsightArgentina, the volunteer program, has enjoyed great success since late 2006 working with ex-volunteers to raise money and awareness for their host organizations in Argentina. Further, HelpArgentina's Comunidad sin Fronteras (Community without Borders) works directly with all of these donors and Social Ambassadors abroad.

I introduced to all of you, Crecer con Amor, in my last blog. Jacqueline and her dedicated staff are working to make the community stronger by supporting young people between the ages of 1-13 in their lives and through education. They have received more than 30 volunteers from Insight since late 2006. Many of those same volunteers continue to be in close contact with the staff at Crecer.

But beyond the close contact and strong relationships that has developed between volunteers and the Crecer staff, there is a visible 'giving' that has ocurred most recently through individual volunteer initiatives. Aware of the need at Crecer con Amor for a new classroom space, two of our past volunteers have made incredible contributions.

Charlotte Demole, from Switzerland, spent two months at Crecer in 2007 and returned home to raise enough funds to help the organization begin the construction of the new 'classroom.' (Pictured above) Particularly, this new classroom will house the currently 'overcrowded' group of 4 and 5 year olds, who have been lacking space since late 2006. Excited and very grateful, the staff of Crecer is preparing for this important change and allow them to respond effectively to the increasing needs in the local neighborhood.
Another exceptional volunteer, Tammy Chen and her uncle, Amine Darrous, have also contributed to the above construction, but more importantly, they have donated the funds necessary to construct a 'second floor' to the Crecer building. This new space will be built during 2008 and will provide a new space for the many adolescents and adults in the community who would benefit from job training workshops as well as other educational activities.
I do not have photos yet of this second floor project as it has not started yet. But when it does, I will share them with you.
In conclusion, I would like to thank both Charlotte, Amine, and Tammy for their truly inspiring initiatives to support this wonderful community center. Like many others, they are true Social Ambassadors for Crecer con Amor and their impact will be felt into the future.

More updates coming. Peace.

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